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Classification Of Living Things

Introduction With a large variety of living organisms on Earth, biologists had to develop a means of classifying them. Car Von LinnĂ© (Carolus Linnaeus) (1707-1778) solved this problem by developing a means of classifying these organisms. He started his classification with only Kingdom Plantae and Animalia, but some organisms couldn’t fit, which led to furtherContinue reading “Classification Of Living Things”

Palm Tress: A Woody Herb Which Is Referred To As A Tree

Weight The weight varies according to the type of palm tree in question. Palmettos weigh an average of 100 pounds per trunk foot, Pindos weigh an average of 500 pounds per trunk foot, Canary Island Dates Palm weigh an average of 1,000 pounds per trunk foot. Lifespan The lifespan also depend on the species inContinue reading “Palm Tress: A Woody Herb Which Is Referred To As A Tree”